Meet the Quintana Roo PRThree – a triathletes workhorse

I am a Quintana Roo ambassador and sponsored by their Norwegian retailer JBS Sport. For the Norwegians looking for a new triathlon bike and find QR interesting send a message to Jonas (at) or send JBS Sport a message on Facebook. Extra good prices will be given to those ordering their 2019 bike now. 

After my announcement, in the (Norwegian written) blog post that I am going to build the meanest triathlon bike in Norway using the QR PRSix disc as the base, it was only one thing to do – wait for the bike to arrive.

While the PRSix disc still is awaiting the gears and wheels my brand new QR PRThree arrived with everything it needed to be ridable.

The QR PRThree in size 52 – completely stock

Why getting a PRThree when having a PRSix? There is a lot of reason.

  • Riding both bikes will give me the needed experience to know the difference between the least expensive QR Triathlon bike and the most expensive. The price difference between the bikes is nearly $10,000. What does the extra money give you in terms of comfort, handling, weight and aerodynamic performance? For me, this question is super interesting and I am really looking forward to testing it out for myself.
  • Having a training bike and a race bike is rather common, but usually, it is a road/CX/mtb-bike as a training bike and a triathlon bike for races. That often results in most of the bike training are not done on your race bike and not in aero position. This often results in painful back and neck and going from aero position to upright position during the bike leg. It is a literally a huge drag. Training as much as possible in aero position, especially for the ones without a huge bike volume, is highly recommended. Having a training bike with close to identical riding position as your race bike is a very good way to ride enough in your race position.
  • The PRSix Disc is rather expensive, especially with my top-of-the-range setup. It will give a world-class performance, but also higher maintenance cost. The chain alone costs €139, and the rest of the drivetrain cost much more. High-end tires are also expensive and they should be as new as possible on race day to reduce the risk of puncture and avoid the gradual decrease in aerodynamic performance as the tire wears. Reducing the use of my PRSix Disc will save me money.
  • While the maintenance costs are significantly higher the cost of potential part replacement with damage are similarly higher. Hitting the tarmac is always painful, but doing it on your super expensive race bike adds extra salt to the wound, and can cause issues if a part has to be replaced just before a race.
  • Having a perfectly working race prepped bike is optimal before a race. Usually, I give my bike a tune up a couple of weeks before the important races. It gets thoroughly cleaned, lubricated, greased and worn parts changed. The gear gets adjusted together with the brake pads for optimal performance. You want to do this in good time prior to the race to ensure that you have time to fix anything if not working and relive the stress of doing it two days before the race. Its only problem is that a lot of things might happen between that the tune-up and the race. Tires can get small cuts, you might ride on a rainy day and get dirt “all over the place” or you can smash your disc wheel on the bad tarmac (like I did before Norseman). This can ruin your race and give unnecessary stress before the race. Having the full tune-up and test that everything is working 100 %, and then not use the bike until race day (or the short ride prior to race day) because you can use your training bike, is a triathletes version of luxury!

As mentioned above – Are you a Norwegian and find a QR bike interesting? Please get in touch with Jonas on Jonas (at) or send JBS Sport a message on Facebook. Extra good prices will be given to those ordering their 2019 bike now.

The matte black colour is my favourite. I love the look and all over a feeling of quality of the bike. I have some work regarding adjustments left but cannot wait to take her out on the road.
The bike looks great and much more expensive than it is
QR is a triathlon bike (and wetsuits) brand only. Having plenty of opportunitis for adjustments is a core feature and on the seatpost, you can adjust the seat tube angle moving it between 77 and 83 degrees. 
I have ridden a Specialized Sitero seat the last 4 years and will probably move it over to the new PRThree as well. The ISM PR 2.0 seat is on a general basis more popular among triathletes and a very good choice.
The box behind the seat tube, qbox, is becoming more common these days and super practical for bringing along your extra tubes, CO2-cartriges and a small tool kit. As a bonus, it imporves aerodynamic and has a red tail light.
I love the clearence between the qbox and the tires. Less is more, regarding aero.
A large and good fitting bento box for your nutrition and other stuff
The crank arm is 165mm, the same as on my race bike. That means I can put on my Assioma DUO pedals without adjusting the crank length.
The cockpit is a solid Profile Design wing with plenty of adjustability.

The groupset is basically Shimano 105. Not very sexy, but it works better than nearly everything else with great functions and inexpensive to maintain.
Shimano 105 rear derailleur. 
The call the configuration 105 mix – which is because the crank is from FSA and have 52/36T chainrings. On race day I would prefer bigger rings, but for «average Joe» and for me on training it is ideal.
Shimano 105 rear brakes as well. I have not tried them yet but will bet a lot that they are better than the TRP brakes I have used before.
The brakes need some adjustments from the looks of it
All in all, I am very positively surprised by the PRThree. Everything looks and feels super solid and well built. Entry level bike often feels like they are built on a budget, which they are. The PRThree does not. I had no idea what colour it the frame was when I opened the bike and could not be more happy with the random choice. Just my kind of style 😀





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