$3 glasses to improve sleep?

After I posted the picture of the yellow glasses there were many people asking where I bought them. For that reason, I thought I should share that, and share why I got them and where they fit in the big picture of increasing performance.

Mine came from Aliexpress and linked to here.

Having good sleep is seriously important for health and performance. If you don’t believe it you can read the book Why we sleep by Matthew Walker. If that is not enough, you can always add the book The sleep solution: why your sleep is broken and how to fix it – by W. Chris Winter

If you still think it’s cool to sleep as little as possible you should read this book.

My sleeping pattern is not good. It never has been. Typically I have gone to bed in a reasonable time, feeling sleepy, but not quite enough to fall asleep and therefore laying awake for hours. After reading the books above I truly understood how important it was to attend this issue.

The answer to why you sleep poorly is not likely a short and simple one. Poor sleep is not the problem, it is the symptom. Chris Winter suggests that it’s “all in your head”, hence the good result of cognitive behavioural sleeping therapy. Personally, I do believe my sleeping issues are all in my head. At least the biggest part of it. It does not say that there is a quick fix to solve it. My mindset coach Adelaide Goodeve, however, have some techniques which she claim will solve it rather rapidly so I will put the claim to the test shortly.

Where do the yellow glasses fit into this picture? Sleep is not entirely mental. Blue light inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, hence the reason to avoid screen time the last few hours before going to bed. Apple understood this and has a feature for making the screen less blue when entering night mode so you can keep on scrolling on SoMe while laying in bed. There are also apps for Android and software like F.Lux who does it for MacBooks. This could also be solved by staying off screens altogether, which is the far preferable solution in regards to improving sleep. However, it does not prevent all melatonin prohibiting light sources. Usually, you have light sources in your home. Putting the yellow glasses on reduces the intensity of those sources.

As the yellow glasses have a physical reason, the most important might be physiological. It’s the alter ego effect. When I put them on I change character. From the highly energized triathlete constantly moving, while simultaneously thinking about how it can be done more aero, to a calm, slow and sleepy guy. Think reversed Superman.

Sleep is without a doubt vital for health and performance, so if your sleep is poor, then you should address the issue today.

With my Polar Vantage V, from my sponsor Polar, I do track my sleep accurately. 
7 hours and 37 min are not bad at all, but for someone who trains 15-20 hours a week there is probably performance potential in sleeping more.

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