Boardman CX Team – The workhorse has arrived!

Last week I finally got my new workhorse, the Boardman CX Team. It is of course not a bike I will replace my TTE Signature with, but I really love cyclocross bikes for a lot reasons. Except for triathlon races I uses it for everything. Outdoor training in the winter, training on gravel trails, training with Jonas in the bike trailer, deliver Jonas to the nursery, ride to the swimming pool, ride to the grocery stores and generally ride around town. For my use I am looking for a sturdy, functionel and inexpensive bike. Weight and CX-race performance is nothing I will prioritze putting money into. That’s why I find the Boardman CX Team to be spot on.

But what about my «old» Specialized Diverge A1 gravel racer? It is in a similar category and have the same area of use. It is a bit closer to a race bike with smoother tires and a slower stearing and more stable ride, where the CX is more responsive, quicker, but also not as stable. They both work very well for my purpose and not the reason to get a new Boardman. The back wheel on my Diverge got a bit untrue and the 35 mm winter tires rubbed in the frame. By the time I checked it (I assumed it had left a small mark on the frame), it have rubbed a whole in the chainstay (!), and a bigger repair is needed. The CX Team have, in my opinion, som qualities that makes it better that the Diverge. The 1×11 Sram Rival MTB gearing is one, and the hydraulic brakes, instead of the mechanical is the other major improvment. It also have better clearence regarding tires which obviously could be needed. I cannot wait to ride the bike more!

The bike in all it’s glory where functionality is king.
SRAM Rival MTB gearing is genius and gives a lot of versatility
Only one chain in front with 44 teeths. One less gear to adjust, maintain and hassle with. I love it!


44 teeth at the biggest and 10 teeth at the smallest cog
Or 10-42T 11 SPD if you want


If comparing to my Specialied Diverge CX bike with 50/34 in front and 12-30 rear the 44 x 10-42t actually gives me both a higher top speed and a lower lowest speed. Like I said, it’s genius!


SRAM Rival hydraulic brakes with 160 mm disc – the Thule skewer does not come with the bike as stock 😉


SRAM Rival Hydraulic brake handles


Rapid Rob 35 mm tires


The 35 mm Rapid Rob obviously don’t roll as good as a slick 30 mm tire, but they give more grip and have more versatility if you prefer gravel roads.
Very good clearence! That is nice if you are going to mount mudgards (which I will), or will use even wider tires.
Triple butted aluminium frame – not quite sure what that means but I am sure it is good stuff


CX Team – you also get a lot of different variants of the Boardman Cyclocross
The bike is delivered without pedals, but as always I put a pair of Shimano XT combipedals on mine since I also use it to get around town.
It weights 10,1 kg, which is not superlight. But at the retail price I could not ask for anything more. My first impression is very very good!

Want to check out a Boardman CX for yourself? In Norway Anton Sport Sykkeldelisk have them in store, and if you mention that you read about the bike on my blog I am sure you are going to get a very good offer 🙂 If you do not live in Norway you can find your dealer on

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