Ready for Norseman 2018

Tomorrow is the big day. The most important races of the three A-prioritized races this season. Norseman 2015 was the strongest performance ever. While my general fitness was even better in 2016, the race ended on the hospital and my first DNF. The performance last year was good, only beaten by a fantastic performance by Lars Christian Vold. While I honestly don’t mind being beaten by a superb performance, I had a weak second part of the bike and a run far from my potential. I know I can do better.

Having struggled with the consistency with my performances in the last few years I got a coach, Carson Christen, November last year. The volume was drastically reduced. Instead of training both much volume and high intensity leaving me in a too deep fatigue, Carson made me go harder, but shorter. While my general fitness did not do a big jump (which is near impossible with an FTP close to 5W/kg), it is elevated to an all-time high with a lower level of fatigue than in years. The result is my strongest early season performance ever with great consistency. Except from two days of sickness I have done nearly every training session either as planned or slightly better since November. What the outcome of these preparations will be known tomorrow, but I am very confident that I have done everything I could to make my performance in Norseman 2018 better than my 2015 performance. Everything from the physical, mental and equipment preparations are done at least 98 % as wanted, and that is all I could hope for.

I am excited about racing and very excited that Norseman is able to broadcast the race live on their channel this year as well. Watch it tomorrow and cheer us on. My dream is not winning. My dream is an epic battle between Lars Christian Vold and myself. At battle that pushes us both to our limits and beyond. That is what Norseman deserves.

I want to thank everyone who enables me to do what I love. My close family and friends, my sponsors, my competitors and all the people who follow me. You give me invaluable support.

My sponsors:

  • Bjørklund
  • Bilia
  • Volvo
  • Polar
  • Ulvang
  • Baker Hansen
  • Boardman Bikes
  • UBConnect
  • Best Bike Splits
Focused and ready for the morning swim. Photo: José Luis Hourcade
Happy with being done with my swim and finding the water not horribly cold.
No matter how much I tried I could not fit two disc wheels on the bike 😉
To make a long story short I had to adjust the rear brakes 1 mm due to change of wheel. Sounded simple enough but put me on a long path I did not want to go with a left side of the brake not functioning at all. After a few frustrating hours later everything was good and I was not forced to go to the last resort, change of bike.
19 min easy and beautiful run before breakfast is part of my prerace rutine.
The Norwegian Anti-Doping Agency meet the estimated three best male athletes and one female for prerace drug control. I love that we know it is a clean race.
The last 6-2 days before a race I go low carb. Then I go high carb, which my sponsor Baker Hansen makes sure is done the very best way 😉
If in doubt, this is my support car 😉 Hopefully, it will be close to the front during the race.

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I am a 33 year old PRO triatlete. My goal is to swim, bike and run as fast as possible, and enjoy the journey. All my adventures and triathlon related stuff is well documented on this blog.

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