Triathlete for life

How long are you going to continue doing this triathlon stuff? The question has been given to me a lot. My answer: Until the day I die.

While I cannot compete as a professional until I die, I aim to be a top age grouper at the age of 50 and be able to finish at least a 70.3 distance triathlon when being 80 years. 

In the business world, they call it KPI, key performance indicators.  I might give the impression that mine KPI’s are measured in watts, speed and result in races. From a short-term perspective they are, but for the long run, health and happiness are my true KPI’s.

Love the process, not the outcome. It is all about the journey, not the destination.

I love being a triathlete. I love training. I love the tasty and healthy food. I love going to bed early and get a good night sleep. I love being nitty gritty with my equipment. I love travelling to different destinations and cultures. I love that I am able to include my family in a big part of it. I love the challenges. I love overcoming them. I truly and deeply enjoy the life and the journey of a triathlete.

I am a triathlete for life.

There will come a day, probably sooner than I think, that I have to struggle to keep up with Jonas. While the only cure against becoming slower with age is death, it does not mean you can’t be superfit compared to your age. Being active is only becoming more important as you age. The amazing sensation of passing the finish line after digging really deep does not wear off as you get older. For those reasons, triathlon is not a sport you ever have to retire from. Photo: Jean-Pierre Delpech

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I am a 33 year old PRO triatlete. My goal is to swim, bike and run as fast as possible, and enjoy the journey. All my adventures and triathlon related stuff is well documented on this blog.

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