As we have turned the calendar to 2019 it is time to reflect on the previous year and set the direction for this year to come. I had a great 2018 and could not have wished for anything more. Still, I believe there are improvements to be made. The theme for 2019 is Simple.

It means cleaning up the clutter, both physically and mentally. Make more room for the few things that really matters. From a performance perspective that is training, recovery and nutrition. Equipment does also play a role, but it is important to look at the bigger picture and not get lost in the never ending game of saving 1 gram her and 1 gram there. From a personal perspective I care about more than pure performance. Like family and friends. The relationship and activities I share with the people who I hold dearest are what I truly want and need to prioritize. The nature and environment is something I am deeply passionate about, and together with many other people I believe there is no Planet B. We have to take better care of the one we have. That goes hand in hand with this year’s theme of Simple.Buy less stuff and make room to do more fun things.

If you prioritize something, you are not prioritizing something else. The day still has 24 hours and everyone is free to use them as they want. Working, training, shopping, checking Facebook, making dinner or spending time with your family. As a type A-personality I have been trapped in the productivity trap, trying to do it all, and some more. Always urging to increase efficiency and do more. That road seldom leads to happiness, or the place you want to be in the long run. It truly is a difference about being busy and being productive.

This year I will make things simpler. Focus on my key areas mentioned above and do them as good as possible. All the other things will be on the bottom on my “one-day-maybe”-list, a list I check if I feel very bored and see if there is anything fun I want to do. If I find an available hour on my calendar I will schedule it with absolutely nothing. Keeping it all simple.

A great source of inspiration for the minimalist livestyle is Josuha Beckers FB page Becoming Minimalist and the book «Essentialsism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less» by Greg McKeown. Jay Shetty is also a guy with a lot of good life wisdom on this subject. If you have any other advice. Dont hesitate to drop them in a comment below.

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I am a 33 year old PRO triatlete. My goal is to swim, bike and run as fast as possible, and enjoy the journey. All my adventures and triathlon related stuff is well documented on this blog.

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