Using Polar Vantage V with Polar Flow and Trainingpeaks

Can you write a blog post about how you use Polar Vantage V with Polar Flow? I got that question on my Facebook-page and since I am a Polar ambassador the question was asked to the right guy.

The short and honest answer is that I don’t use Polar Flow as my main software for planning session. I mainly use TrainingPeaks. The reason for that is quite simple as well. TrainingPeaks is the software tool my coach Carson Christen use. Instead of him having to learn a new program only for me, I just sync my Polar Flow account with Trainingpeaks and whenever I sync my Polar Vantage V to Polar Flow the data automatically sync up to my TrainingPeaks account as well where my coach can crunch the numbers. He again uses another software tool called Inscyd and can calculate TSS, power curves, HR data etc.

This is how my TrainingPeaks look like and all the data is transferred from Polar Flow automatically
You can connect Polar Flow to different services like Strava, Facebook, TrainingPeaks etc.

I am known for being a data-driven triathlete. While that is not untrue I don’t review every heartbeat, every watt, every lap time in every session. It takes too much time and can get me too much focused on the numbers. The numbers are important but they are not all that matters.

If we take a bike session as an example I get a wattage goal of a certain range from my coach. It can be 6 x 5 minutes at 290 – 310 watts. Then I first try to hit the watts without watching at the power meter and feeling the correct intensity. After I feel I hit the right spot, which typically takes roughly 30 seconds I check the power meter. If the average power is 340 watt I back of and if it is 270 watt I push harder. With time you will get more accurate when first trying to feel the effort and calibration it up against the actual number.

Calibration is a key word here, and what I mainly use Polar Flow for. I check my recovery status, long term sleeping pattern and activity report. If I generally feel good, feel relatively good during training (and hit my numbers) and relatively refreshed when waking up, then I don’t study everything in Polar Flow. Then I just take a quick overview once in a while to see that my recovery status, training load and sleep times match up. If I, however, feel fatigued, having a hard time to sleep and have to work harder than usual to hit my numbers then its time to go into the details.

This is my recovery status from April this year. You can see how I touch very strained a few time before hitting it hard 27.April at Ironman Texas. A well-executed training plan coming into the race with good form and a well rested.
The activity report gives a full overview of my level of «activeness». I am rather active, even when I don’t train and with an average sleeping time of 7 hours and 15 minutes I must be careful to eat enough and focus more on improving my sleep.

I was in a negative spiral from mid-2016 and to the end of 2017. The performance in training was mainly good, but when it came to races it was truly inconsistent. I did not feel horrible in general, but at some races it really did. My Polar V800 at the time said that I was constantly overreaching, but I didn’t want to listen and thought I was special and could handle the load. It turned out that I wasn’t special. From my last poor performance in Ironman Barcelona 2017, I started trusting the numbers more and leaving control of my training plans to a coach.

With the new Polar Vantage V, you get a lot more data. Watt when running is nice. Continuously monitoring of HR keeps accurately track of how active you are, not only during training, and your HR during sleep. I believe we need this amount of data to be fairly accurate in estimating the total load and total recovery, and the crucial balance between those two factors.

Polar Vantage V – now in a new Titanium version weighing just 59 grams. If you buy one now you will get it before I do 😉

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I am a 33 year old PRO triatlete. My goal is to swim, bike and run as fast as possible, and enjoy the journey. All my adventures and triathlon related stuff is well documented on this blog.

3 kommentarer til “Using Polar Vantage V with Polar Flow and Trainingpeaks

  1. Hi Allan, very good reading! Do you wear your watch during the night to get these numbers?

  2. Hej There :),

    How does your Coach send you the details about your trainingsession? As far as I have found out there is no way that TP can sync the trainings with Polar Flow and what kind of indoor bike trainer do you use? We haven‘t found one which can be sync with either the Vantage nor the V650 Bike computer.


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