The triathlete/cyclists guide to hairless legs

We can just admit it; legs, where you can see every muscle fiber firing like pistons under the tanned skin, is much more aesthetically pleasing compared to the pale hairy variants. When Specialized also found an average difference of shaved vs non-shaved legs to be 70 sec/40 km, or just over 5 minutes for 180 km, it is a no-brainer. The hair got to go!

The best «shave-legs»-picture I found was from Ironman Hawaii in 2014. I looks better, feel smoother and is faster. There is no excuse for not doing it if you care about either look or performance, or both.

Personally, I am not vain enough to prioritize having my legs shaved year around. It is a hassle and it is time consuming. For that reason I only have clean legs before important races.

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My legs are probably average on the hairiness scale, and the hair is not worth losing time for.

There are three strategies to achieve the good looking and fast legs.

  1. Shave your legs with a razor ones each week year around
  2. Have one big clean up before the first race of the year and keep it clean with the shaver ones every week until the last
  3. Have a big clean up before each race

Personally I use a combination of strategy two/three, depending on the time between the races.

Keeping your legs clean can be done in a few ways, which I have tried most.

  1. The classic razor – it works great when the hair is short. And completely useless for the big shave at the start of the season. I have actually tried this a time or two and used four set of blades and more than one hour to achieve the wanted result.
  2. Hair removal cream – That gives a good result. It takes less time than a razor, but is still a mess and feels like it is going to give you permanent skin damage some time in the future.
  3. Waxing – I have tried this a couple of times. Doing it yourself is a real hassle, and the result was poor, since its not always the hair gets pulled out, but breaks. It is also slightly painful. Getting done a clinic gives a better result, but is expensive and time consuming. That it prevents the hair growing is also a myth so it does not prevent you from needing to shave in the future.
  4. Epilator – This is the only method I actually have not tried.
  5. Hair clipper  – Using a clipper too cut hair is quick and painless. The only issue is that the result does not get as clean as razor, but enables you to finish of the work with a razor in a few minutes. The initial cost is higher than cream or wax, but not in the long run.
Hair removal cream was my go-to solution the last years, but I didn’t found it optimal.

The best solution for me I have found to be using the clipper for the big clean up, and then a razor. It is a month or two between the races and the hair groves too long for the razor I use the clipper first.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

Regarding the clipper I just bought the Wahl Super Clipper with cord, after high recommendations from a trusted guy in a trusted web forum. He had his for 20 years only changing blades ones. It is also one I see often at professional hairdressers. I only had mine for a month. My impression is that it seams very sturdy and the minimum cutting length is 0,4mm, which should be close enough for most needs. The powerful engine makes it vibrate some, but I am not sure how other clippers compare. Going for the corded version instead of the cordless makes it less expensive and a higher likelihood that you can take the clipper with you to the grave as there is no batteries to die out.

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I am a 33 year old PRO triatlete. My goal is to swim, bike and run as fast as possible, and enjoy the journey. All my adventures and triathlon related stuff is well documented on this blog.

3 kommentarer til “The triathlete/cyclists guide to hairless legs

  1. I’m pretty regular at keeping the pins smooth all year round. Razor for me once a week. I’m not a super hairy guy anyway and it doesn’t take long. Maybe a little less regular in the winter months!

    Tried the wife’s Epilator once. That was painful…

    1. Joda, jeg har faktisk brukt det som kompensasjon for hårete legger flere ganger, men hva med håret mellom legg og tribukse? Og på mine calfs stikker hverfall noe av håret ut.

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