Project 2:32

I honestly don’t get depressed with the lack of races. It’s an excellent opportunity to do things I have wished to do, but could not find space in a packed race season. One of them is running a marathon. You know, the version without following some swimming and bike riding.

First time I ran a marathon was in London 2005 where I finished in 3:25. A few years after that I ran in Budapest on around 3:20. Last time I ran a marathon I finished 2:49:44, in Oslo 2011. I dream of running a sub 2:32 marathon.

My finish photo from Oslo Marathon – I wasn’t as fast then but had already nailed finish photos 😉

The reason for my goal is simple. My dad has a 2:32 PR from New York Marathon in the 80s. Also, I have an aunt who has a 2:32:57 PR from Berlin Marathon in 87 where she finished third (yes, she was rather fast). I cannot be the third-fastest marathon runner in my family. I need to step it up a few spots.

16,7 km/h for 2h 31m 36sec – how hard can it be?

Since I am on the oil rid until 20. May my only option is to run it on the treadmill. My plan is rather simple: Set the treadmill speed to 16,7 km/h(3:35m/k) and incline 1 % and run until I get to 42,2km. That should give a 2:31:36 marathon time.

Running on a treadmill is obviously not the same as running outdoor and I know that I must do it again in a proper race. Still, this would be a good trail. It would be done on my “regular” treadmill, which isn’t a specially kind treadmill.

When do I kick off this project? Tomorrow, with none specific preparations or tapering. My guess is that I will either make it or blow up hard. Regardless of the outcome I know it will be proper challenge, so I want to post my goals in advance as it might give me the extra needed motivation when I enter the tough stages. Wish me luck 😀

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I am a 33 year old PRO triatlete. My goal is to swim, bike and run as fast as possible, and enjoy the journey. All my adventures and triathlon related stuff is well documented on this blog.

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  1. Hey Allan! How will you know the accuracy of your treadmill? Are you using a footpod like stryd? After using stryd I’ve found that ALL treadmills are very inaccurate!

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