Result of the advanced sweat test

Precision Hydration is one of my sponsors 1228mg/l – The sodium content in my sweat. What does that mean and how do I use it to optimize my hydration and salt intake strategy? 200mg/l is the lowest measured and 2300mg/l is the highest, with an average of 950mg/l. It puts me in the middle of … Fortsett å lese Result of the advanced sweat test

Teaming up with Precision Hydration

It’s a privilege to announce my participation as a member of TeamPH. Precision Hydration are the experts in the hot (not to be confused with sexy) field of sweating. Just a few years ago the official guidelines of hydration were that dehydration leads to performance loss and should be avoided. Drink ahead of thirst with … Fortsett å lese Teaming up with Precision Hydration