Result of the advanced sweat test

Precision Hydration is one of my sponsors 1228mg/l – The sodium content in my sweat. What does that mean and how do I use it to optimize my hydration and salt intake strategy? 200mg/l is the lowest measured and 2300mg/l is the highest, with an average of 950mg/l. It puts me in the middle of … Fortsett å lese Result of the advanced sweat test

How could Gustav Iden become 70.3 World Champion?

The most competitive 70.3 World Championship in history is over and winner was Gustav Iden, someone very few people had their eyes on. In my eyes, he was the favourite. When he started the run together with Alistair Brownlee and Rudy Van Berg I was certain that he was going to take the win. Gustav … Fortsett å lese How could Gustav Iden become 70.3 World Champion?

Teaming up with Precision Hydration

It’s a privilege to announce my participation as a member of TeamPH. Precision Hydration are the experts in the hot (not to be confused with sexy) field of sweating. Just a few years ago the official guidelines of hydration were that dehydration leads to performance loss and should be avoided. Drink ahead of thirst with … Fortsett å lese Teaming up with Precision Hydration

10 % more power or 10 % more aero?

More power or better aerodynamic? This is my thought about this existential question. Would you rather increase your FTP with 10 % or reduce your aerodynamic drag with 10 %? If you gave this option to triathletes I am certain that most would opt for the increased FTP. But it is the best option? This … Fortsett å lese 10 % more power or 10 % more aero?

Which supplements should triathletes take?

Dietary supplements are big business. The global market for 2018 was estimated to an astonishing 115 billion USD worth of vitamins, botanicals, omega-3s, minerals and protein. The question is, which should you, the triathlete take? My short answer is, as few as possible. The reason is simple, they basically don’t work. There are, however, a … Fortsett å lese Which supplements should triathletes take?