Ready for Ironman Texas

Why Ironman Texas? I wanted to do an early season Ironman with the possibility to take the Norwegian Ironman record and with plenty of time to recover and build up to Norseman afterwards.

Ironman Texas was crazy fast last year, due to a bike course which was 5 km too short because of safety reasons. I expect the course to be correct length this year but the fastest guys will definitely go really fast anyway. My goal is to perform my best, and if I reach it, I can guarantee that I will go sub 8:26:20, which is the current Norwegian Ironman record.

The preparations towards the races have been good. My training has gone according to plan with good progression. The test I did in the wind tunnel showed upper world-class aerodynamic performance, but I was not able to get it quite right in Patagonman. I have been dialling in my equipment and bike position to get much closer to the wind tunnel results. On last Friday I rode my 10,5 km long test course back and forth twice during 60 minutes and averaged 42,2km/h at 270 watts, Ironman race pace. Since the test course is not flat and I changed to faster tires and tubes afterwards I expect to be able to do 43 – 44km/h in Texas with a similar effort. My running form is actually at an all-time high and I am very eager to show it in a race.

The bike course in Texas is nearly as flat as you can get it. It will definitely be fast but it can be physically hard to keep this position steady for just over 4 hours. Photo: James Mitchell / QuintanaRoo
Needless to say that I am super happy about my bike and trisuit. There are still possibilities to optimize even more, but the gains are getting smaller and smaller. Photo: James Mitchell / QuintanaRoo
Smile or look serious on photos? I tried both but its only one of them that is truly me. There are always times during a race that I wonder why I voluntarily put myself thru this. The answer is my love for the sport, my love for pushing boundaries and overcoming challenges. Most of the times I do enjoy it. Pain and suffering is, however, a part of it. Photo: James Mitchell / QuintanaRoo
My position might look painful, but as long as I keep my head low and neck natural I actually find it rather comfortable. Going «turtleneck» by shrugging the shoulders in saves a few watts and puts a strain on my shoulders. Running does not require shoulder strength so it might be worth it 😉 Photo: James Mitchell / QuintanaRoo
Going into warp speed 😉 Photo: James Mitchell / QuintanaRoo
Going for an all-white trisuit is risky, since peeing in the suit while racing is an unavoidable part of professional triathlon. Still, I am very happy with my choice since it will keep me as cool as possible. Photo: James Mitchell / QuintanaRoo
4:06 bike split – That is the prognosis from BestBikeSplit. I know I can produce the power but still has to prove that I can nail the aerodynamics. You can see the detailed forecast here:

What I am not super confident about is the swim. Honestly, my swim form has not been as good as it was just prior to Patagonman. It’s maybe 2 seconds per 100m slower, which by no means is horrible, but it always tough to not hit the number I did prior to the season break. With the strong possibility for a non-wetsuit swim for PROs it does not help my confidence of being a second pack swimmer.

The swim is in Lake Woodlands – It looks nice and the houses surrounding it is among the biggest houses I have ever seen. And what a bonus that they get the best possible view of the swim tomorrow 😉
Do you know the definition of success in Texas? This house, this entrance and this car. Good that they are Ironman supporters (ref the Ironman Texas flag on the terrace).

Another possible issue might, of course, be the heat. We had minus degrees in Oslo until just a few weeks ago so I definitely haven’t lived in similar conditions. What I have done is trained a lot indoor on the turbo and treadmill, with different degrees of cooling and spent a fair amount of time in the sauna. For that reason, I feel that I have done my best to prepare for the heat. The weather looked great when I arrived on Wednesday with 21 degrees, cloudy and rain. Just what I prefer. The last days it has turned to more typical Texas spring weather with up to 28 degrees at the highest. I can pray for cooler weather and more clouds but are prepared to become hot.

All in all, I am very happy with my preparations and truly excited to test myself against some of the fastest guys in the world. There will be live coverage of the race on Facebook at Ironman NOW and it would be cool if you checked it out 😀 My big number is 30 🙂

Nr. 30 – that is me 🙂 There are nearly 40 male Pros starting of the 60-ish who signed up. I love a big and super-competitive field, as long as I am not in no man’s land due to a poor swim ;)a


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I am a 33 year old PRO triatlete. My goal is to swim, bike and run as fast as possible, and enjoy the journey. All my adventures and triathlon related stuff is well documented on this blog.

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