How to swim comfortably in 10 degrees Celsius water

I hate to freeze. It is just awful. I have never learned to enjoy it, no matter how many times I have exposed myself for it in an attempt to HTFU, short for «Harden The F*** Up». What I have learned is to not freeze while swimming in cold water, and that is done by … Fortsett å lese How to swim comfortably in 10 degrees Celsius water

Top tips for travelling with a bike

My bike is among the most valuable things I own, and invaluable equipment in my triathlon races. It must arrive at the races with me in full working order. Especially when travelling by plane I have witnessed unlucky triathletes having a missing or damaged bike. These are my top tips when travelling with your bike. … Fortsett å lese Top tips for travelling with a bike

Race report – Ironman Texas 2019

8:26:20 – The Norwegian Ironman record. After trying and failing to beat that time more times than I remember I knew Ironman Texas was occasion to do it. The times last year was crazy fast, even if you add the extra 5km on the bike, which was missing. Matt Hanson did 7:39 and 11 guys … Fortsett å lese Race report – Ironman Texas 2019

Ready for Ironman Texas

Why Ironman Texas? I wanted to do an early season Ironman with the possibility to take the Norwegian Ironman record and with plenty of time to recover and build up to Norseman afterwards. Ironman Texas was crazy fast last year, due to a bike course which was 5 km too short because of safety reasons. … Fortsett å lese Ready for Ironman Texas

Aero position VS sitting up – what is the time loss?

«Its all about the engine», some people say. «Aero is everything», is the claim by Specialized. What is correct? The obvious answer is; both play a huge part in bike performance. More correctly, its all about the relationship between power and aerodynamic. At least that is the case for time trails. In triathlon, we got … Fortsett å lese Aero position VS sitting up – what is the time loss?

#FasterThanSuperman – becoming the worlds most aerodynamic triathlete

Aerodynamic has been an extremely fascinating topic since I started with triathlon 10 years ago. My fascination made me use €1200 of my own money to be a few hours on the R.J. Mitchell wind tunnel in Southampton. The results were a true eye-opener. Ever since I had looked for an opportunity to get another … Fortsett å lese #FasterThanSuperman – becoming the worlds most aerodynamic triathlete

Norges råeste triatlonsykkel?

Det er med stor glede og stolthet å kunne annonsere at jeg er blitt en ambassadør for triatlonsykkelmerket QuintanaRoo. Det amerikanske triatlonsykkelmerket har laget triatlonspesifikke sykler siden 1989 og vært en pionér innen dette nisjesegmentet siden. Når jeg skulle velge ny sykkel så hadde jeg et mål, å skaffe den beste sykkelen for meg som … Fortsett å lese Norges råeste triatlonsykkel?