Stjernesmell før Challenge Venezia

På søndag sparkes triatlonsesongen i gang for min del, med Challenge Venezia. Det er en flat løype som ved gode forhold kan være svært rask, der jeg kan nå et av sesongens to hovedmål, nemlig å ta norsk rekord (bestenotering for petimeterne der ute) på fulldistanse. For et par dager siden skulle jeg gjøre meg … Fortsett å lese Stjernesmell før Challenge Venezia

The traveling triathlete – part 1 – bicycle suitcase

The much welcomed explosion of triathlon competitions have made it possible for the majority of triathletes to participate in a race without travelling far. Still, as you want to expand your triathlon race repertoire travelling by plane often becomes a necessity. Starting from T1 on a rented road bike (or tribike for that matter), is … Fortsett å lese The traveling triathlete – part 1 – bicycle suitcase

Travel report – Swissman Xtreme Triathlon

Participating in Swissman is not logistically “impossible”, but surely not the easiest. Therefore I would like to share my experience and look at the different options, and in my opinion give you some good tips along the way. The nearest international airport to Ascona, where the start is, and Grindelwald, where you park your car … Fortsett å lese Travel report – Swissman Xtreme Triathlon