Meet the QuintanaRoo PRsix2

For those who follow me on SoMe, you might have seen that I have a new racing bike. The visual difference are the easiest to spot. The all matte black PRsix was in many ways my dream bike, but I do like color as well. QR offers 11 frame color options with different decal options. I choose matte blue with a matching Qbox with black decals to match my black equipment.

The other big difference is the integrated front hydration system made in cooperation with Profile Design. I find it very handy as it removes the need for a bottle between the arms. That again increases the flexibility in the cockpit and enables me to go narrower with my elbows. The PRsix2 is similar to the PRsix but completely new with an 11 % increase in stiffness and a 10 % reduction in weight. While that is hard to notice its always welcomed.

Another, not so visually big difference, is the change of arm pads. From the stock Morf-Tech Trifold arm pads to custom made ones from Aerotune. The functional difference is huge. Getting better and firmer support allows more relaxed shoulders and arms.

If you want to reach peak aerodynamics its only one pair of pedals to choose, and that is Speedplay Aero Zero. I love my Assioma power pedals and still use them most of the time, but in terms of wattage the Speedplay pedals are typically 3-5 watts faster. That was too much to let go, even if it was rather costly. Not so much for the pedals themselves, but that I had to change out my crank to one with a power meter.

Tires are also new. The GP5000 was replaced by the faster Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR. The downside is puncture resistance, so the use of them will be course dependent. They are set up with latex tubes as both me and my LBS solid compressor was unable to get them to «pop».

All in all, its the best bike and setup I have ever had. The aerodynamic performance is world-class and the bike is amazing to ride in terms of handling, responsiveness and stability. Some people claim that triathlon bike doesn’t really need the increased braking performance that disc brakes provide, but I am certain that those people have never ridden the Norseman course in wet conditions. I am never going back.

She looks just smashing!
The Profile Design Ariel bottle made to fit the PRsix2 is handy, and hopefully super aero. What I would be curious to test out, is to replace the computer holder with just a lid. It just looks like it would give a more streamlined airflow, which is most impactful in the front where you have «clean» air.
I put the back end of the Xlab Gorilla XT bottle holder a 1,5 cm down for a less horizontal position. Hopefully it will make the bottles easier to take out and hold better. Grip-tape is also applied inside the bottle cage.
Speedplay Aero Zero – Combined with Giro Empire ACC shoes is just aero porn.
Not to much to hit the air
Nice or super-nice? At least I know what I think
I will also give a shout out to my awesome PRfour training bike which is identically setup as my PRsix2. With both running 12 speed and disc I can swap wheels as it fits.
Looks pretty mean with the racing wheels 😀

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I am a 33 year old PRO triatlete. My goal is to swim, bike and run as fast as possible, and enjoy the journey. All my adventures and triathlon related stuff is well documented on this blog.

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