Top tips for travelling with a bike

My bike is among the most valuable things I own, and invaluable equipment in my triathlon races. It must arrive at the races with me in full working order. Especially when travelling by plane I have witnessed unlucky triathletes having a missing or damaged bike. These are my top tips when travelling with your bike. … Fortsett å lese Top tips for travelling with a bike

Race report – Ironman Texas 2019

8:26:20 – The Norwegian Ironman record. After trying and failing to beat that time more times than I remember I knew Ironman Texas was occasion to do it. The times last year was crazy fast, even if you add the extra 5km on the bike, which was missing. Matt Hanson did 7:39 and 11 guys … Fortsett å lese Race report – Ironman Texas 2019

Ready for Ironman Texas

Why Ironman Texas? I wanted to do an early season Ironman with the possibility to take the Norwegian Ironman record and with plenty of time to recover and build up to Norseman afterwards. Ironman Texas was crazy fast last year, due to a bike course which was 5 km too short because of safety reasons. … Fortsett å lese Ready for Ironman Texas

Early Rider Belter 16″ – The best bike for kids money can buy?

I am being very wary of not putting my own ambitions on the shoulder of soon to be 4-year-old Jonas. It is important that he does whatever he wants, and what he thinks I want him to do. To ride a bike, however, is mandatory. He has been riding a Strider ST4 balance bike since … Fortsett å lese Early Rider Belter 16″ – The best bike for kids money can buy?

Aero position VS sitting up – what is the time loss?

«Its all about the engine», some people say. «Aero is everything», is the claim by Specialized. What is correct? The obvious answer is; both play a huge part in bike performance. More correctly, its all about the relationship between power and aerodynamic. At least that is the case for time trails. In triathlon, we got … Fortsett å lese Aero position VS sitting up – what is the time loss?

Get a really big fan

Many people dread long and hard turbo sessions on the bike. They just feel so much harder than outside! Why is that? There are different reasons and the monotony of going nowhere is the obvious one. Still, I believe there is another factor that is making a bigger contribution to the bucket of pain. That … Fortsett å lese Get a really big fan

40 år gamle mosjonister som stjeler oppmerksomheten

På Facebook-gruppen Skiftesonen – triatlonsnakk og annen moro ble det delten artikkel fra Aftenposten med overskriften Triatlonmiljøet mener at mosjonister på 40 år stjeler oppmerksomhet fra sporten. Hele artikkelen i PDF-format ligger i lenken. Innlegget handler om at Triatlonlangslaget føler at de taper kampen om oppmerksomheten og potensielle sponsorer til tross for overlegen sportslige prestasjoner. … Fortsett å lese 40 år gamle mosjonister som stjeler oppmerksomheten

Podscasts for triathletes – the ultimate list

Reading a lot has never been my thing. Listening to books and podcast, however, is a complete addiction of mine. I listen wherever I go and whenever I train, except when I am swimming, which demands too much concentration. These are my favourite podcast for triathletes. Note that my preference is the in-depth talk of one … Fortsett å lese Podscasts for triathletes – the ultimate list

Giving up tubeless tires

Tubeless tires are undoubtedly the future. They have the least rolling resistance and the ability to repair them self when getting punctures. And now I am giving them up. Tubular tires have been my preference since I started triathlon in 2009. From a performance perspective, they may still be the fastest solution and pros in … Fortsett å lese Giving up tubeless tires

Fuel to be good – not to look good

For most people losing a few kilograms would improve performance. So why not try to lose a bit of weight simultaneously as you train to increase fitness? Training is not super complicated. Nutrition is. I truly believe it is possible to lose body fat, increasing muscle mass and fitness in the same period of time. … Fortsett å lese Fuel to be good – not to look good

Samarbeidsavtale med Bioracer

Det er med stor glede at jeg kan offentliggjøre min nye samarbeidspartner Bioracer. De produserer sportsbekledning for sykkel, løping, langrenn og triatlon. I mitt prosjekt #FasterThenSuperman, der jeg har som målsetning å bli så aerodynamisk som mulig, må jeg velge det raskeste også på bekledningsfronten. Å lage aerodynamiske sykler og hjulsett er noe ”alle” klarer … Fortsett å lese Samarbeidsavtale med Bioracer

Training, recovery and nutrition – Triathletes Holy Trinity

Training, recovery and nutrition. When I hold lectures about triathlon I always point out what increasing performance is all about. It’s those three words. Simple as that. Simple is not the same as easy. What kind of training is optimal is surely not a question which is easy to answer. Nutrition is also highly debatable and … Fortsett å lese Training, recovery and nutrition – Triathletes Holy Trinity

Morf-Tech TriFold bars – a re​invention of the aerobar – an initial review

Note that I am a Morf-Tech ambassador After Lars Christian Vold passed me like a rocket for the third (or fourth or fifth) time in the downhills in Norseman I made up my mind. My next bike would have the Morf-Tech TriFold aerobars. Lars Christian had them and the position they enabled in the long … Fortsett å lese Morf-Tech TriFold bars – a re​invention of the aerobar – an initial review

Quintana Roo Hydrosix – a initial review

I am a Quintana Roo ambassador and sponsored by their Norwegian retailer JBS Sport. QR was the first company ever make a triathlon specific wetsuit back in 1987. Now they have relaunched their making of wetsuits starting off with the Hydrosix, which I was so lucky to give a try in Patagonman. This is my initial … Fortsett å lese Quintana Roo Hydrosix – a initial review


As we have turned the calendar to 2019 it is time to reflect on the previous year and set the direction for this year to come. I had a great 2018 and could not have wished for anything more. Still, I believe there are improvements to be made. The theme for 2019 is Simple. It … Fortsett å lese Simple.